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Boosting Home Values for 2024

If you're a homeowner contemplating ways to enhance your property's value in anticipation of the 2024 housing market, you're not alone. Below are some valuable insights from professional home appraisers

who are providing guidance on home upgrades and market trends that can positively impact your home's value.

Universal Home Features for Instant Appeal- While regional preferences vary, certain home features have a universal appeal, instantly boosting your home's value. Appraisers from Bernhardt Appraisal in Portland, OR, emphasize the allure of vaulted ceilings with exposed natural(ish) wood beams. These architectural elements evoke a sense of wonder and can make your home stand out in the market.

The Power of Thermal Energy – Experts underscore the importance of thermal energy upgrades, specifically advocating for owned photovoltaic systems. Beyond the immediate benefits of renewable energy, such upgrades can contribute to a higher market value, potentially reducing tax liability and monthly electricity bills.

Simple Upgrades with Significant Impact- Focusing on simple upgrades like paint, landscaping, trim, and flooring can set the foundation for a higher home value. These upgrades, when combined with unique features like a high-end kitchen range or luxurious bathroom fixtures, enhance your home's character and overall appeal.

Extending Living Space- While expanding living space can indeed boost home value, it's essential to approach it carefully. Experts caution against converting garage space without considering potential pitfalls, including permitting issues and alterations to the home's appearance. Thoughtful planning is crucial to avoid unintended consequences.

Strategic Moves for 2024- Looking in to 2024, curb appeal remains a top factor for a strong first impression, and investments in landscaping, exterior paint, and well-maintained entryways can pay off. Kitchen and bathroom updates, along with energy-efficient upgrades, are also recommended to attract environmentally conscious buyers.

Market Trends and Regional Insights- To align your upgrades with market expectations, experts stress the importance of understanding real estate comps. Regional differences can significantly impact buyer preferences, and aligning with typical expectations ensures your improvements resonate with potential buyers.

As you contemplate boosting your home's value for 2024, incorporating these insights from professional appraisers and staying attuned to regional market trends can be instrumental. From timeless upgrades to strategic considerations for the evolving real estate landscape, these tips aim to empower you to make informed decisions that enhance both your home's appeal and market value.

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