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What is a
Certified Liability Advisor

A Certified Liability Advisor™ (CLA™) specializes in comprehensive solutions and strategies to help homeowners identify how to minimize the cost of homeownership and their overall consumer debt while maximizing how real estate can create and protect wealth.  

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Why work with a Certified Liability Advisor

Many mortgage professionals only focus on discussing interest rates and fees- and stop there.

If they do not take the time or do not have the expertise to discuss and review the complete financial picture, they CANNOT honestly know if they're offering the most suitable loan products or solutions.


They also won't be able to guide through the best ways to manage and repay a mortgage or other consumer debts moving forward.

This risk is TOO high to be put in the wrong loan or repayment strategies by a mortgage professional who doesn't have the expertise to do so. Don't overlook the importance of Liability Management expertise, strategies and ongoing guidance to ensure the best way to borrow and repay wisely! 

Everyone has the ability to experience Financial Well-Being (whatever that looks like for them) with the proper support, guidance and expertise. A Certified Liability Advisor can help!  

Challenges effective Liability Management can help solve
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The Certification

The Liability Advisor Certification™ is a premier industry designation for mortgage professionals who desire to provide comprehensive liability advice and guidance to help their clients attain financial freedom. 


The course requires over 30 hours of intense study about liability management concepts and strategies, case studies and ways to help consumers reduce their cost of homeownership over their lifetime and repay their mortgage and other debts by the most efficient means possible. Graduates must pass exams to complete the course and complete continuing annual education to maintain their certification.

By earning the certification, mortgage professionals increase their creativity, capacity, and capability to help consumers transform liabilities into assets. Transitioning from only being a lending professional to a Certified Liability Advisor involves a commitment to put the consumer's needs first. It also expands how they can bring value to consumers, financial professionals, realtors and other partners. 

We look forward to being the guide on your homebuying and wealth-building journey.

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