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Autumn Home Price Trends

The autumn season brings more than just cozy sweaters and pumpkin-spiced delights; it also ushers in unique opportunities for homebuyers.'s annual analysis reveals that fall typically offers more homes for sale, a seasonal dip in list prices, and less competition—a winning combination for buyers.

However, the current market remains challenging due to high mortgage rates, which are discouraging sellers from listing their properties. This scarcity of homes continues to drive prices up in many regions. In August, prices per square foot increased in 133 of the 150 largest markets.

Despite this trend, some markets are experiencing price drops, particularly in areas that experienced substantial COVID-19-era price surges. On the flip side, some traditionally affordable regions are now seeing significant price gains.

Cities Where Home Prices Are Falling:

  1. Myrtle Beach, SC(-2.9%)

  2. Las Vegas, NV(-2.7%)

  3. Stockton, CA(-2.1%)

  4. Austin, TX(-2%)

  5. Phoenix, AZ(-1.2%)

These areas, once popular due to affordability compared to major California markets, saw declines after pandemic-induced gains. Cities Where Home Prices Are Rising the Most:

  1. Naples, FL(+17.1%)

  2. Albany, NY(+16.9%)

  3. Fort Wayne, IN(+15.7%)

  4. Toledo, OH(+15.6%)

  5. Manchester, NH(+15%)

Affordable Northeastern or Midwestern markets are going through the most significant price increases, highlighting a broader affordability concern. Despite the overall trend of vanishing affordability, Naples, FL, stands out, possibly influenced by recent natural disasters and newfound buyer interest.

In a nutshell, understanding these pricing dynamics is essential for buyers and sellers navigating today's evolving real estate landscape. Whether seeking bargains or investing in promising areas, staying informed about these trends is crucial in making informed housing market decisions.

For more information and to view the full lists, click here.


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