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What Does a Home Inspector Do?

One of the most common contingencies to a real estate purchase is a completed home inspection. Hired by the homebuyer, a home inspector thoroughly examines a house for damages and repairs that may be needed. The home inspector then issues a detailed report, which serves as basis for whether to continue with the purchase or negotiate the sales price and terms of the contract.

While completing the inspection of the home, the home inspector will evaluate:

Structural Components  – inspectors will examine the foundation of the house as well as the attic space to search for any damage or water leaks.

Roofing  – inspectors will examine the roof for loose shingles or tiles. Gutters are also checked for debris, and drains are tested for a tight seal.

Plumbing  – inspectors will examine pipes, drains, vents and waste systems to make sure they are free from leaks and obstructions.

Electrical  – inspectors will examine wiring, lighting, and other electrical components to ensure they are operating safely. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are also tested to make sure they are working properly.

Heating and Air Conditioning  – inspectors will examine all heating and cooling systems throughout the home to make sure they are in proper working condition. Chimneys are checked for any damages or obstructions that could put the home at risk for fire.

Interior Components – inspectors will examine interior components of the home such as doors, windows, stairs, and flooring.

For more information on home inspectors,  click here.

When you are ready to purchase a home, we would be happy to recommend a home inspector that we trust completely. Call us today to set up an appointment to discuss your home purchase needs.

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