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Create a Yearly Home Maintenance Checklist by Season

As we embark on a new year, it's the perfect time to set the stage for a well-maintained and comfortable home. Just as we make resolutions for personal growth, dedicating time and attention to your home's upkeep can ensure its longevity, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. The below comprehensive home maintenance checklist, tailored to each season, will guide you through the year, addressing everything from winter drafts to summer BBQ safety. Let's dive into the details and make 2024 the year your home shines inside and out.

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

  1. Check Windows and Doors:

  • Apply weather stripping.

  • Install storm windows.

  1. Monitor Indoor Humidity:

  • Use humidifiers.

  • Check for condensation.

  1. Inspect and Clean Gutters:

  • Remove ice and snow.

  • Clear ice dams.

  1. Check and Insulate Pipes:

  • Insulate exposed pipes.

  • Allow faucets to drip.

  1. Verify Seals on Windows and Doors:

  • Check and replace damaged seals.

  1. Ensure Adequate Attic Ventilation:

  • Clear snow from vents.

  • Monitor airflow.

  1. Inspect and Service Furnace:

  • Schedule professional service.

  • Check for carbon monoxide leaks.

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

  1. Inspect Roof and Gutters:

  • Assess for damage.

  • Clean gutters.

  1. Landscaping:

  • Trim trees and shrubs.

  • Clear debris.

  1. Inspect Exterior:

  • Check siding for wear.

  • Inspect the foundation.

  1. Windows and Doors:

  • Check seals.

  • Lubricate hinges.

  1. Test Outdoor Faucets:

  • Turn on and check for leaks.

  1. HVAC System Check:

  • Change air filters.

  • Clean vents.

  1. Inspect and Clean Deck or Patio:

  • Check for rot or damage.

  • Power wash and seal.

  1. Check for Pest Entry Points:

  • Seal gaps and openings.

  • Conduct regular inspections.

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

  1. Inspect and Clean Windows:

  • Clean glass and sills.

  • Identify water infiltration issues.

  1. Check Outdoor Lighting:

  • Test and replace bulbs.

  1. Clean and Organize Garage:

  • Declutter and organize.

  • Lubricate garage door tracks.

  1. Inspect and Repair Driveway:

  • Fill cracks and reseal.

  • Check for potholes.

  1. Test Smoke Detectors:

  • Replace batteries.

  • Test functionality.

  1. Inspect and Clean BBQ Grill:

  • Clean grates and burners.

  • Check gas lines for leaks.

  1. Check and Clean Outdoor Drainage:

  • Ensure proper water runoff.

  • Clear debris from downspouts.

  1. Inspect and Clean Dryer Vent:

  • Remove lint buildup.

  • Ensure proper ventilation.

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

  1. Clean Gutters and Downspouts:

  • Remove leaves and debris.

  1. Inspect and Clean Fireplace:

  • Clean chimney.

  • Check for damage.

  1. Seal Gaps and Cracks:

  • Inspect and seal gaps.

  1. Test and Inspect Indoor Heating System:

  • Schedule professional inspection.

  • Replace air filters.

  1. Fertilize Lawn:

  • Apply fall fertilizer.

  • Aerate if necessary.

  1. Inspect and Clean Outdoor Lighting:

  • Adjust timers.

  • Clean and replace bulbs.

  1. Inspect Roof and Attic:

  • Check attic insulation.

  • Inspect the roof.

  1. Clean and Store Outdoor Furniture:

  • Clean and store patio furniture.

  • Cover or store outdoor items.

Consistency is key when it comes to home maintenance, and following this seasonal checklist will help you keep your home in optimal condition throughout the year. Remember, if a task exceeds your skill level or evolves into a complex project, seeking professional assistance is a wise decision. Just let us know if you need a solid referral!

Here's to a year of a well-maintained and happy home!

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