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The Liability Review Process for our Partners

We aim to make it easy and commonplace for professionals who manage any part of the financial picture to work together.

Here's how we do it

But first... 

Before we dive into the process, let's chat about the importance of Liability Advising and Reviews... clients benefit from working with us for many of the same reasons they benefit from working with you (we just manage a different side of the balance sheet). 

Once we recognized our partnership's value and importance, we realized our system wasn't set up to make the collaboration convenient or commonplace, which we're trying to change. 

Lastly, we do the liability reviews and advising for FREE. We only get paid if or when clients need a loan from us (which is often only every 5-7 years for the average homeowner).


The point is to be proactive and stay ahead of big decisions so that we make thoughtful and intentional choices to be as prepared as possible when the time comes. Unlike many mortgage professionals, who are just transactional and only take the time to talk to consumers when they need a loan, we want to be a part of their lives and decisions outside of those moments as well. 

Examples of challenges effective Liability Management can help solve
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The Process Overview


Young Business Colleagues

Individualized Solutions

We customize a streamlined process for you and your clients. 


Working from Home

The Liability Review Interview

You provide us the information for the requested review. 


Business Team

Strategy & Implementation

We collaborate with you to determine the best strategy for the client. 


Team High Five

Ongoing Value &


We partner with you to keep the client on track and for future reviews and support. 

Step 1


Business Meeting

Our partners control this process and can choose how hands-on or off you want to be. 


We will filter any information or correspondence through you if we're not given direct instructions to contact the client. We aim to provide value and an individualized experience for you and your clients on YOUR TERMS.


Some of our partners fill out a liability summary cover page and have us contact their clients for the rest, others are the point of contact for everything, and we never directly talk to their clients, and most fall somewhere in between.


If the client initiates direct contact with us or becomes a client, we may need to manage some correspondence separately, but the conversation will always be that we all need to be included in financial decisions and strategies.


We are constantly improving and streamlining our partner experience. We welcome the opportunity to develop custom processes and forms to work with your business model and goals to make things easier.

Step 2


The Liability Review
Working from Home

The information we need to complete a liability review is specified on our Summary Page and Interview Forms (contact us if you need them).

While we do have generic review forms, ideally, we'd like to understand what information you already gather so we can customize a streamlined and simplified form to limit the additional time and effort on your part to the extent we can. 


We offer Comprehensive Liability reviews, Express Mortgage reviews, and Specific Focus reviews.

Any combination of the following methods can be used to provide information/documentation:

  • Joint phone/video calls with the clients

  • Phone/video call with your team

  • Secure uploads to a custom portal or encrypted email (contact us to decide what you prefer)

  • Direct contact with the clients (per your direction) for any additional information or documentation needed

New to the process or have questions? Schedule your Interview Walk-Through today

Ready to Submit information for a Liability Review? 

Authorization Forms

Release of Information Authorization Form

Credit Report Authorization Form

Step 3


Business Team

Once the review is completed, we'll coordinate a time to discuss any recommendations to ensure they complement and support your overall strategy for the clients.


If we have no recommendations, we'll provide a review form showing what we reviewed that can be shared with the clients.

If there are recommendations for the future, we'll collaborate with you to develop a plan to keep the clients informed and on track. This will include whether or not you want us to correspond with the client or if you would prefer to be the main point of contact.

Step 4


Team High Five

For each review we complete: ​

  • Each client will be added to our automated system that monitors for future benefits (such as removing mortgage insurance, lowering their interest rate, etc.) - we will continue to correspond through you unless directed otherwise. 

  • Subsequent reviews will be prioritized and more efficiently completed.

  • We will continue to be involved (as much as you request) to keep clients on track with goals.


The goal is for this to be an ongoing relationship for everyone, not just a one-time solution!

We look forward to partnering with you to guide our clients on their homebuying and wealth-building journey.

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