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Winterize Your Home Irrigation System

As the weather cools in many areas of the country, cold ground temperatures can cause freezing irrigation systems resulting in broken pipes. Take precautions this winter to protect and prepare your irrigation system for the frigid weather. Follow these tips to winterize your irrigation system:

  1. Protect the pipes  – Turn off the water supply to the system at the main shutoff valve. This must be the first course of action for your irrigation to be protected from freezing. Additionally, any above-ground piping must be insulated with foam-insulating tape or tubes.

  2. Turn off timers  – If your system is on an automatic setting, turn the timers off. Many systems have a “rain mode” that will allow the system to continue timing and keeping records, but the valves will not activate.

  3. Purge backflow  – If your system is on community water, it likely has a backflow device that needs to be purged. If your system is supplied by privately owned water, check the installation plan. Learn more  here  about purging the backflow device.

  4. Drain pipes  – Finally, you will need to drain the pipes of any remaining water. This can be done using an automatic or manual drain valve. Click  here  to learn how to drain pipes.

For more about winterizing your home irrigation system, click  here. If you need a trusted professional to help with winterizing your home irrigation system, we would love to refer you to one of our business partners. If you or someone you know is interested in purchasing a new home or refinancing their current home, we can help with that, too! Call us today!

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