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Secure Partner Portal

Security and prompt communication are critical components of our business. 

To protect ourselves, our clients and our partners, as well as centralize updates and documents into one place, we have a secure portal that can be accessed online or through a mobile device. 

Please contact us to set up your portal (or reset your logins). 

Contact Angela if you need help setting up or resetting your logins

(303)881-7271 (call/text)

In the Partner Portal you can:

1. Securely Upload documents and information for reviews.

If we have a profile created already for the specific client, you can see it and upload information and documents specific to that, or upload it to your main profile, and we can create one and move things over afterward. 

2. Review information, leave notes or feedback and see the status updates on mutual clients. 

3. See contact information for other associated professionals (ie realtor, P&C Agent, etc, if it's available). 

4. Submit new leads or referrals

5. Review the information I have for you in my system

There's also a mobile application you can download as well. 

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Below is a video walking you through the basics of your portal
but please always feel free to reach out to us for guidance and support
Please note that a few portal features may be turned off. If you're interested in using them and not seeing them on yours feel free to reach out to us to discuss. 
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