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Secure Partner Portal

Prompt and in-depth communication, as well as security, are critical aspects of the loan process.

To protect ourselves, our clients and our partner's information, as well as easily keep all parties updated in one location, we have a secure portal that can be accessed online or through a mobile device. 

Contact Angela if you need help setting up or resetting your logins

(303)881-7271 (call/text)

There's also a mobile application you can download as well

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Below is a video walking you through the basics of your portal
but please always feel free to reach out to us for guidance and support
Please note that a few portal features may be turned off. If you're interested in using them and not seeing them on yours feel free to reach out to us to discuss. 

In your Partner Portal you can:

1. Track Shared Clients & Loan Status: You'll have a live list of shared clients that will instantly update as changes are made. You will be able to see the created date, loan stage/status, and important dates such as the appraisal ordered and due dates, address, loan amount, sales price and estimated closing of each shared client and loan. You'll also be able to message and click on each shared client to see a deeper data breakdown right from your portal.

2. Track Messages:  You can easily track messages and communications between your shared clients and us. Messages will include pertinent info like message summaries, the sender and client names and property addresses for memory and organization purposes.


3. See contact information for clients and other associated professionals (ie realtor, P&C Agent, etc, if it's available) for each transaction. 

4. Update your own information that everyone sees including your contact information, picture, etc. 

5. Submit new leads or referrals

6. Create Online House Listings: As our partner, you will have access to a property listing website builder tool that is built directly into your portal. You’ll be able to choose from one of our modern templates, upload photos, descriptions, highlights, etc and generate a property listing website for one of your properties in minutes. 

7. Collect Leads From Open Houses: You will have your own “Open House Form” generator. This will allow you to quickly come in and generate a quick form that you can display on a computer or iPad at any of your open house showings. These forms will show both of our contact info and will allow people looking for a loan to submit their info directly. 

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